Sunday, September 6, 2009

1989 Family Channel Batman ad

(Click on image to view larger.)

This full-page ad, published in a fall 1989 cable trade magazine, is a very nice rendition of Adam West's campy Caped Crusader.


  1. The only problem with Family Channel is that they edited the episodes even more than the syndication package other stations were getting at the time.

    BATMAN is 25 minutes w/o commmercials,20th Century Fox Television Syndication re-edited them to 22:30 w/o commercials. THEN Family Channel edited an additional 1:30 minutes - either for 'violence' or more commmercials!

  2. But they left all the camp in --

  3. Holy flashbacks! Who didnt love the campy Batman 1960's television show? The brilliancy of it was how the actors delivered their deadpan dialogue spot on. And Adam West as Bruce Wayne and Burt Ward as Robin stepped into history. What kid didn't wanna be like them?