Monday, August 2, 2010

1978 TV Sci-Fi Schedule

From the collection cabinet comes an article from the first issue of the low-class magazine "Space Trek," one of many genre exploitation rags ground out by publishing mogul Myron Fass. It's significant that this magazine, along with all the other generically-named versions (which cropped up overnight and expired just as quickly) all occupy the bottom shelf of my cabinet. The paper was the lowest-grade pulp, one step below the toilet paper at the corner service station, and the photos were washed out and spotty. But, sometimes these mags, too, offer up interesting articles, like this one with serves as a snapshot of the sci-fi/fantasy programs coming up that fall and winter of 1978. If you were a kid or teen during that time, reading about all these shows when they were new will bring back some (hopefully fond) memories. The article concentrates on the biggest, "Battlestar Galactica," but features info on many others you will remember, and some you might have missed. Nanu, nanu!

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  1. Thanks for that trip down memory lane! I used to love Battlestar Galactica. Of course, Starbuck was dashing, but I actually had a thing for Baltar (John Colicos, who was--as I'm sure you know--also on "Star Trek")! I've been a sci-fi fan since "Lost in Space". (Yes, I'm freely admitting my age group!)

    I love your Star Trek blog, too. You've been busy!

    I linked to this site on my blog, which is scans of magazines, books, etc., from the fifties & sixties. It's Velma's Fabulous Fifties, at

    Thanks for all the great work!

  2. I love these old mags and the articles, it does give you a nostalgic feeling to read them. Thanks for posting them. I used to like to read the old Starlogs too. And I agree with this article, the Incredible Hulk had to be the best of the bunch! Love that series. :D

  3. Nanu nanu is our greetings with my friend since '79, and over the time i allmost forgot from what this actually was.
    And now thanks to internet i found this blog - and it's fantastic! (and remember to Mork, ofc., and Galactica, Buck Rogers, etc.)
    Thank You for the nice flashback, great tv schedule in this topic :)