Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Starchaser: The Legend Of Orin poster

This time we feature a full-page magazine ad for the 3D "Starchaser: The Legend Of Orin," released in 1985. I missed the theatrical release, but enjoyed it a lot when it came out on video a few years later.

(Click to view larger.)

Featuring a good score, nice animation and designs, it was the first time I remember ever seeing computer animation in an animated film, used mostly when depicting the hero's ship. Although obviously a Star Wars rip-off, it is interesting to watch, and sets itself apart enough to warrant repeated viewings. Although the 'Space Arabs" might be objectionable nowadays to some for their stereotypical bad-guy status...

The personality of the ship's computer, a complaining put-upon AI named Arthur that reminded one of C3PO, was amusing; as well as the fembot that had a crush on the Han Solo analog, Dagg Dabrini, after he forcibly reprogrammed her through a panel on her behind. Making someone love you through no choice of their own is not a good basis for a real relationship, though.

The spaceship designs were excellent, particularly the one flown by Dagg, with its swiveling engines that changed positions according to the direction one wanted to go in. This design was really efficient for sharp course changes and vertical takeoffs. This ability was used to great effect as some of the most exciting space battle scenes involved the rapid reversals and spins as the ship out-manuevered their enemies.

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