Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quark and Project U.F.O.

I am posting this article because of  the "Quark" material, the Star Trek/SF spoof by Buck Henry, but it also includes info about the program "Project U.F.O." I caught the second show only once, the pilot episode, and found its dull "Dragnet" pseudo-documentary style unappealing. But the article mainly focuses on "Quark," which was a really fun show that did a good job of spoofing Trek. The writeup comes from the August 1978 issue of the lower-shelf "Space Wars" magazine. The bottom color photo is from the back cover. Nice!

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  1. Quark was EASY to love, but yeaaah, I did expect a bit more from Buck Henry, the MASTER of kooky sitcom sendups (Get Smart, etc..). Obviously and blatantly on the coattails of 'Star Wars'.., and we got this.

    Again, I love the show, but it isn't for the more advance tastes. Ficus was my favorite character, probably in my Top 5 of sci-fi characters, being a shame the actor died so quickly after the series ended..

    The Betty scenes were a bit too much and I'd have hoped for more great scenes of comedic dialog between Adam, Gene and Ficus (all great comedy actors..), but it is what it is..

    A favorite that easily should have earned a 2nd year.