Saturday, May 15, 2010

1973 Mad Spoof On Apes Movies

The collection cabinets open this time to bring forth issue #157 of Mad magazine, published in March of 1973. By this time there were four films in the Apes series, with another in the works to be released the following year, with a TV series soon after that. Enjoy this Mort Drucker-drawn overview of the films titled "The Milking Of The Planet That Went Ape."

(Click on images to enlarge.)

Bonus: Below, an ad I clipped from a newspaper sometime around 1974.

Bonus: below, a unique photo of McDowell as Cornelius in a rare good mood; most likely thinking of his fiancee, Zira.

Below is one of my pencil drawings of Galen from the TV series, drawn in 1974 sometime, probably while in homeroom. I was big into Apes that year!


  1. first issue of MAD - it was the apes that lured me in!

    B Smith

  2. I've been an Apes fan since I was a kid back in the early 70s.I read a lot of their comics,and collected action figures and the treehouse that was their main headquarters.I had a 16 inch tall furry doll named Galen from the T.V. series.Apemania happened just a few years before Star Wars mania.I started to get into Star Wars,but grew out of it by the time of the third movie;Return of the Jedi.So it didn't have the same impact on me as Apes did.Budd

  3. Budd,
    Thanks for commenting and visiting the blog! Good to hear from a fellow Ape-o-nut! Hope you come back often and comment.

  4. Those were very funny! And that's a very cool sketch and pics. I've always loved the Planet of the Apes, and even enjoyed the sequel..but never really watched the rest. I want to read the original book too. I just watched 'Soylent Green' tonight and it struck me so funny that MAD has Tyler say, he's had enough of fantasy, allegory and social comment!

  5. I really enjoyed the planet that went ape! Thank you!

  6. i loved these movies and this parody