Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1979 article on "The Star Wars Holiday Special"

From issue #19 of Starlog Magazine, published in February of 1979, comes this cover article on one of the darkest chapters in Star Wars history... the legendarily-bad "Star Wars Holiday Special." (See an earlier post on it here from another of my blogs.) Many might want to forget it, but as Master Po said to Grasshopper, "We do not learn by forgetting."
(Click on images to enlarge if you are a glutton for punishment.)
Bea Arthur is easily the scariest of any of the denizens in the cantina.

"Yes, son, we are your father Chewbacca's dirty little secret. Never forget that."

Whenever the pain of contemplating "The Phantom Menace" threatens to overwhelm you, recall this and you will be comforted.


  1. As a SUPREME Star Wars geek, I still have a special place in my heart for the holiday special, even though it pains me to watch it.

  2. Thanks,I never knew this article existed!
    I remember getting excited over the Holiday Special,watched it at my best friend's house. Of course those of us who grew up in the 70s recall that time as "The Golden Age of TV Specials". Even then(at age 7) I was disappointed. But I loved the cartoon, I just wish script allowed "Lumpy" to watch more episodes of it. I picked up a bootleg copy in the late 90s and laughed like crazy.
    I often tell younger friends of mine how weird the entertainment biz was in the 70s. I think this special is living testament to that. Lucas needs to get over himself and release this ASAP. I'm sure it looks even worse on blu-ray.

  3. I only watched a portion of the show, but I clearly recall wanting to throw up and losing the will to live.

  4. I remember this article well. I went for months calling the new character from the upcoming sequel "Boba Ftt."

    The show wasn't the greatest, but it deserves to be officially released on DVD.

  5. ¿DVD? This needs an official Special Edition with CGI aliens added to the cantina and Jabba inserted behind Bea Arthur instead of Greedo. XD

  6. E.M., Funny! I guess they should put Jar Jar Binks in there too, he would fit in real well.

  7. I don't care ...i love it with al the goofy song & dance numbers.
    The 70's was the era of the TV Specials as well as early 80's.
    For anyone who loved the cantina sequence, this special will reveal more of the creatures that were left in the background in the film.
    IE: The GIANT Rat at the bar!! hahah!!

  8. Maybe now that Disney is in control, we will see a special edition of the show released on DVD. Why not?