Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1989 John Haymes Newton interview

From the 1989 issue #6 of "Comics Scene," (a magazine from the same publishers as "Starlog"), comes this interview with the first actor to portray Superboy in the 1988 TV series, John Haymes Newton. Although a little wooden, Newton did a good job of wearing the suit, and portraying both facets of the Kryptonian, with his young Clark less nerdy than in Reeve's portrayal. Of course, he ended up not continuing in the role past the first season, to be replaced by Gerard Christopher, who enthusiastically took up the cape and ran with it (or should I say flew with it).

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Bonus: Below, from the same issue, is a short piece on the "Swamp Thing" sequel with the waterlogged Dick Durock, who went on to portray the plant man in the TV series. Say what you will about the campiness of the movie, the costume was a significant improvement over the visible-seam-and-zippered first version.

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