Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Batman OnStar Magazine Ad

Below is an awesome painting of Batman that was an ad in a May 2000 magazine for the OnStar automobile emergency service. The suit is screen-accurate, based on the one from Batman Forever. I just don't make the connection between pushing a button on your dash to call for help and "becoming Batman." They also did a series of TV commercials that were very memorable (and better than "Batman and Robin"). You can view a compilation of all of them on this Youtube video.

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on it again once it opens to view it full-size.)
"Criminals, beware... I'll squeeze your gonads until they burst like rotten figs!"
Below is the cardboard box top for the plastic figures of Batman and the Joker that held candy, that came out in 1989. I ate the candy and saved the toys; it would been too weird to do it the other way around.

Is it wise to accept pill-shaped candy from Jack Nicholson's Joker?

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  1. That candy looks extremely suspect!! LOL! I remember all the Batman movie tie-ins back then as a kid. As much as I appreciate the new 'Dark Knight' .etc. (Just wasn't completely sold with the trilogy) Nothing will ever beat Michael Keaton whispering – "I'm Batman."