Monday, April 23, 2012

The Big Bang Theory Promo

No, this entry is not about Sheldon's popular show; rather, it's a 1988 cable trade magazine dual ad for both the "War Of The Worlds" series and "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Although the ad touts the high numbers for the new "WOTW" series, you may remember that it only lasted for two seasons before being cancelled, whereas "ST:TNG" went for all seven before the studio voluntarily ended it. The magazine was an over-sized publication, and it took six page scans to get the entire two-page spread (the painting for which is quite spectacular), which I then pieced back together. Most of the time the scans here are larger than the actual item featured; but this one is close to the actual size of the original. By the way, I did post this in one of my other blogs awhile back, here, since it spans ST also.

(Click on image to enlarge; once the image loads,
you may have to click it again to view full-size.)

Bonus: A full-page ad from my 1967 issue #2 of Charlton's "Blue Beetle" comic, advertising their various superheroes. Cool!

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  1. Love your blog! WOTW would have lasted longer had they not destroyed the concept in the second season. The first season was amazing.