Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1989 John Haymes Newton interview

From the 1989 issue #6 of "Comics Scene," (a magazine from the same publishers as "Starlog"), comes this interview with the first actor to portray Superboy in the 1988 TV series, John Haymes Newton. Although a little wooden, Newton did a good job of wearing the suit, and portraying both facets of the Kryptonian, with his young Clark less nerdy than in Reeve's portrayal. Of course, he ended up not continuing in the role past the first season, to be replaced by Gerard Christopher, who enthusiastically took up the cape and ran with it (or should I say flew with it).

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Bonus: Below, from the same issue, is a short piece on the "Swamp Thing" sequel with the waterlogged Dick Durock, who went on to portray the plant man in the TV series. Say what you will about the campiness of the movie, the costume was a significant improvement over the visible-seam-and-zippered first version.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1978 Ralph McQuarrie Article

From issue #17 of Starlog, published October 1978, comes this article on artist/designer Ralph McQuarrie. McQuarrie passed away recently, so I am posting this article in remembrance of this extraordinary talent.

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Bonus: from the same issue, this back cover ad for the Don Post Star Wars masks. Did you own one of these?

Bonus: From the same issue is this look back at Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose writing influenced so much of modern science fiction, especially on film. Since the first filmed version of his Mars stories, "John Carter," is still in theaters as of this post, I thought it might be interesting to read this. I saw the film in Imax 3D, and it was awesome! Of course, being Disney, we didn't get to see as many naked people as in the Frazetta paintings, but it was still good.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mad's 1979 "Superman:The Movie" spoof

The collection cabinet swings open this time to present issue #208 of Mad magazine, with their spoof of "Superman: The Movie" from July of 1979. Mort Drucker delivers his stunning character drawings, which -although caricatures- capture the essense of each actor's faces in just a few lines.

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Bonus: the back cover of the same issue.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Planet Of The Apes Revisited

Another entry on the apes, this time from Starlog issue #105, published April 1986. The cover blurb read "Untold Tales of Planet Of The Apes: The sequels you didn't see - and why!" It is indeed interesting to read about some of the ideas presented for the next movie, and one wonders if some of them might have turned out better than the one that was filmed.

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Since the movie was successful enough to warrent another sequel, the producers found that they had painted themselves into a corner with the destruction of the world. Having the trio of chimps go back in time to then-present day Earth was a great idea, but it would have been better if they had anticipated another film while writing the second, and set up the third one all through it. It would have been great seeing the efforts of Milo, Cornelius and Zira as they try to retrieve and repair the original ship, and the tension of their escape as the world is about to end. Just my way of thinking, and it would have made people even more excited for the next movie when the start of it was teased after the ape planet was blown up; and made the ending less depressing.