Friday, October 30, 2015

1969 "Outer Limits" Makeup Article

From "Famous Monsters" issue #54, published in March of 1969, comes an article on John Chambers, make-up man for movies and TV. The article presents a special make-up session in which the artist recreates the application of the makeup he did for David McCallum in the episode "The Sixth Finger."

I distinctly remember the fright that monster gave me as a six year-old kid!

First, the awesome and memorable cover painting of the alien from "Invasion of the Saucer Men, by none other than Ron Cobb!

(Click on images to enlarge; once open you may have to click on it again to view full-size.)

Bonus: from the same issue, the scary giant from "Lost In Space." Since Chambers did the makeup effects for this show, it's likely he had a hand in making this creature also. Here's an earlier post I did on the model of this monster.

Bonus: from the back cover, a full-page ad for the "Forgotten Prisoner of Castlemare." You can see a whole post I did on this model here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Lost In Space" for 50 Years... The Pain, The Pain!

Today, September 15th, 1965, familes across the nation were treated to a great adventure! The takeoff of the Robinson Family, soon to be lost in space thanks to the shenanigans of one Dr. Smith. As a 6 year old kid, I was the main target audience, and I ate it up!

To celebrate the anniversary, read a couple of posts I have made on the show; one about the bubblegum cards I collected, and another featuring the classic (and dead-on) Mad magazine spoof! I have great memories of the show, some of which I share in one of those previous posts, but here's one I laugh at when recalling it; when I was a teen, watching the show in re-runs after school on weekdays, my mother (who did not have much patience) would complain about "having to listen to those stupid bells every day!"

Of course, she was talking about the piece of John Williams music that accompanied every climactic scene, which heralded the big final drama with the familiar "bells of doom."

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Logan's Run Lobby Cards

Back in 1977 in Ft. Lauderdale, I found a package of 11 x 17 color lobby cards from Logan's Run at my favorite store, the local comic/collectables shop "Starship Enterprises." Since I was a big fan of the film, I literally saved my pocket change until I had the $30 price tag, and bought it. Hope you enjoy these large scans!

(Click on images to enlarge; once open, you may have to click again to view full-size.)