Thursday, June 27, 2013

Second Season of Superboy Released on DVD!

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Fans of this series such as myself now have a reason to rejoice: the second season is now available on M.O.D. DVD!


After the disappointing sales of the first season released in stores, it was generally thought we would never see the subsequent seasons... but Warner is thankfully now releasing the second season, starring the new Superboy Gerard Christopher, in the "Made On Demand" format. I, for one, will take it in whatever form they release it in!

Buy the set here, and show support for future releases at the same time!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quark and Project U.F.O.

I am posting this article because of  the "Quark" material, the Star Trek/SF spoof by Buck Henry, but it also includes info about the program "Project U.F.O." I caught the second show only once, the pilot episode, and found its dull "Dragnet" pseudo-documentary style unappealing. But the article mainly focuses on "Quark," which was a really fun show that did a good job of spoofing Trek. The writeup comes from the August 1978 issue of the lower-shelf "Space Wars" magazine. The bottom color photo is from the back cover. Nice!

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