Saturday, June 20, 2009

"The Outer Limits" article

The Monster Times, that wonderful newspaper-format magazine of my youth, came out with a magazine-format special in 1973. How well I remember ordering it from an issue of TMT, then getting it in the mail a few weeks later when I went to spend the weekend at my Grandma's house (where I had everything like that delivered to protect it from my step-dad.) The special magazine issue was mostly devoted to Star Trek, but there were other articles about many of the sci-fi TV shows that had come out in previous years. The Trek article you will find soon on my blog "My Star Trek Scrapbook" but you'll find some of the others here, like this one.

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Sharp-eyed readers will take note that the soldier's helmet will show up again in the first episode of "Mork And Mindy" as part of Mork's costume.

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