Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to My Newest Blog!

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"Hey, look! Our magazine is featured this time on "Fantastic Flashbacks!"

Greetings, fellow sci-fi fans! You're probably coming here from a link on one of my other blogs, like "My Monster Memories," "My Star Trek Scrapbook," or maybe "Held Over!" which features old movie ads. One thing that they all have in common with this one it that they focus on particular areas of interest that I have had since being a kid.

A cool lenticular 3D postcard, I bought at a roadside souvenir shop in the 60's.

Science Fiction, in whatever form it may take, has always been an interest, so I had to create a blog to spotlight all the cool stuff I've collected over the years in that category. Memorabila from movies, TV shows, magazines, trading cards, comics, book, cartoons, whatever.... if I saved something about one of those that I liked, it will show up here eventually. One of my big loves over the years has been the Planet of the Apes movies and their spin-offs, so you'll see quite a bit of those items. (And you'll learn of my infatuation with Zira. ) Likewise, superheroes have always held an attraction for me, and since most of those fall under the heading of science-fiction in some way, they'll be featured often as well.

"Check out these pecs!"

So, put on your space helmet, strap yourself in, and enjoy the journey to the future's past. It's gonna be a retro-rockets blast!

Waldo was different from all the other gorillas in the crowd.

Below is a recent photo of my three collection cabinets open to show the contents...

So you see, there's no fear of running out of interesting things to post (on ANY of my blogs) any time soon!


  1. Hey, this IS gonna be fun!

    I had that lenticular pic of the space station. If I recall, it had a peel and stick backside.

    Good luck with the new blog. You post, I'll visit!

  2. I've already book-marked this blog! If there's anything I love as much as classic monsters, it's classic sci-fi and superheroes :D

  3. Pierre,

    That is so cool that you had that card! I bet seeing it again beought back some memories. Thanks for hopping on board the blog for the ride!


    Glad you're with me from the start! We're together on our love for the genre. I've been into it since I was a wee lad, I guess it started when my dad took me to the movies to see "Godzilla vs The Thing" when I was 6 or so.

  4. Guardian, show us the past! I will step through there and lose myself. -John G7