Friday, July 23, 2010

Forbidden Planet: Entry Two

Part 2 of the "Forbidden Planet" posts, imported from my other blog "My Monster Memories."

Here's a special bonus for you... "Forbidden Planet" painted by Vincent Di Fate as featured in Cinefantastique in 1979. Makes a great wallpaper!
(Click for Monster-Sized version!)

More lobby card photos of the alluring Altaira, Robby the Robot, Commander Adams and the C-57D.

More to come next time!


  1. Hi, I've got a scanned picture of an autographed Anne Francis & Robby glossy I inherited from my father. It's hosted on PhotoBucket here:

    Post it if you like it, heck make your own wallpaper, it's 797 x 1023.

  2. Thanks for the wallpaper poster, and the other photos are neat too. Cool site. I like the same SF type stuff :)