Sunday, April 18, 2010

1975 "Space:1999" Premiere Review

Below is an article I clipped from the September 11, 1975 edition of the Miami Herald. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale at the time, and although I was a fervent dyed-in-the-wool Trekkie, I enjoyed other good sci-fi series also. This is one of several articles I clipped about it, and I'll post more in the future. The author was withholding judgement on it until he saw more, and I'm sure he felt as I did that it was too dry and hard to follow. It's significant that it took bringing in the man that screwed up Trek's third season, Fred Frieberger, to bring it at least up to a level of action and characterization to improve the second season. Even then it never equalled or surpassed Trek as it's promoters bragged it would; at least in my opinion. Although the effects were superb, I enjoyed the earlier effort "U.F.O." more.

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Below is an earlier article, clipped from The Macon telegraph, about the upcoming show. It was this one article that, more than any other, predjudiced me against the new program. Replace "Star Trek"? Never! I would have been more open to it if every article about it didn't compare it to Trek. Here's an article from my other blog that does the exact same thing on a bigger scale.

Below are a couple of ads, one for an interview with the stars and another for the show itself, taken from the same publicity photo.


  1. Ka'Vid Duv_Vestai Trekkan DaHar Master {David Taylor}April 28, 2010 at 9:44 AM

    I am like you. A "TREKKIE" from day 1, but like I have always said even bad SF is still SF

  2. Ka'Vid,

    So true, and I have a high tolerance for even bad sci-fi, as anyone looking at my movie collection can tell.

  3. I really loved Space 1999 as a kid, even though the stories left me sitting there a bit stunned as they sometimes got so surreal. Used to have all the models and bought most of the books. A Space 1999 bok was the first full novel I ever finished reading, in fact. I remember really being ticked off when the second season came and Prof Bergman was gone and most of the beautiful sets.

    Thanks for your wonderful blogs! Navigated here from your Star Trek scrapbook which brought back a lot of memories (I had the 3D viewer version of Omega GLory too).

    Interesting that the second article on Space 1999 mentions that NBC was almost annually trying to negotiate with GR to bring back ST. I didn't know that. It's interesting to see what an impact ST was having even in 1975.

    Thanks again!