Thursday, April 29, 2010

"V - The Final Battle" 1984 TV Guide article

Back in 1984, one of the most anticipated events on TV (at least for me) was the sequel to the highly-rated "V" saga. The article featured this time is from the May 7, 1984 edition of TV Guide, revealing the makeup technique used on the memorable scene where the Visitor is revealed to the rest of the world.

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It was then that "John" realised he should have disguised himself as someone more beloved than TV's Karl Maldan.

Below, the TV Guide Close-Up on the return of the popular V epic.

Below are some splash ads for the miniseries.


  1. I like the 80s version of V better than the current one.It had a lot more action and a better cast.Jane Badler made a much better evil and sexy alien leader.Marc Singer,Michael Ironside and Robert Englund made cooler heroes.And Faye Grant was a stunning beauty.The effects might have been cheesier,but they still had a tremendous impact on me.Likeable characters and a well written and thoughtful storyline,made this short lived show the classic that it is.Budd

  2. Budd,

    I agree about the original being better than the current remake. I just haven't had the least bit of interest in it, it seems like a half-hearted attempt. I have just bought the DVD of the first mini-series and am enjoying it again! All the old familiar faces make it much more enjoyable to watch.

  3. Add me to the chorus of Original V lovers. It is head and shoulders above the new one. Kenneth Johnson's anti-Nazi allegory was well done.

    In my opinion, the new V suffers greatly in the story department in that they cover many themes/situations that the reimagined Battlestar Galactica already covered (traitors among us, sleeper cells, a resistance movement), but they haven't done so from a new angle, so it really feels old hat.

    And I just want to say I love those old TV Guide "mini-poster" ads, like those you posted above for V. Photoshop is great and all, but it can't replace great painted artwork.

  4. Jane is a very dear friend of mine and I first saw her as Diana. V was a HUGE experience for me as a kid. I'm going to direct Jane to your blog. She would get a kick out of the splash ad with her in it! Keep up the wonderful work.